Wednesday, February 20, 2013

wiw vol 9 - Holes in my shoes

2006 - NR - 90 minutes
Streaming Netflix


94-year-old New Yorker, Jack Beers, has broken the age barrier full force. He can do what most young men can, and his diverse lifetime achievements would take many to accomplish. The film begins with Mayor Bloomberg acknowledging Jack, we see Jack's name on the marquee of Radio City Music Hall, and at 94 he rips a telephone book into 4 pieces with his hands. Jack was raised in poverty in Manhattan, was a strongman, built Radio City Music Hall, at The Manhattan Project he invented something that shortened WW2, erected the Empire State Building spire, was a professional dog trainer, was a film actor in 200+ films, beat terminal illnesses, and today rides 5 miles on a stationary bike. He's "goin' for 100!"

This is a sweet documentary. So many times during the movie I caught myself saying, "Awwwww". There was just something so heart warming and amazing about his story and his passion for life. I was very sad to hear that he has since passed away just before his 99th birthday. But what an inspirational story and life he led. Even if you lived doing only half the things he accomplished you would die a happy accomplished person. He definitely lived life to the fullest.

Go check out the movie. I bet you'll catch yourself saying "awwwwww" at least once!