Tuesday, February 05, 2013

tasty tuesday vol 5 citrus cookies

There are some days you have failures in the kitchen. Then there are some days you have EPIC failures. This recipe for me, was an EPIC failure.

It started off beautiful. The smells and the mixing of the sugar with the orange zest.. I was pretty excited. But my excitement didn't last long. 

The recipe advised to rolls into small balls, instead I used my small scooper. I had tasted the dough at this point and to be honest wasn't thrilled. It was extremely bland. I assumed once they were baked they would come together. Especially with the glaze..glaze always makes everything better.

So they baked. She advised in her recipe to make sure they don't over-cook. But I couldn't even get them to fully bake! The first batch was in the oven 15 minutes and was still not right. The bottoms were lightly brown but they never expanded and flattened. They were still completely raw in the center.

So the second tray I took my fingers and flattened down each cookie. Hoping by doing this they would bake completely through. It actually made them worse! They didn't bake at all!! After 15 minutes it was still totally and completely raw dough on the tray!!

(this is AFTER they baked for 15 minutes!!)

While the cookies were baking (or so I thought) I made the glaze. And even that was a failure. It didn't set and nothing I was doing could get it to be the correct consistency to set up right. Everything went into the trash.

A wasted afternoon with nothing to show for it except dirty dishes and a garbage bag full of half baked, gross cookies. What a waste.

If you want to give the cookies a try I posted the original link here. Maybe you will have better luck. If you do please let me know!