Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Hive

Today I wanted to share another new soap I have recently added to my shop. It was inspired by this lady who once told me her love of everything cinnamon. I actually hate the smell of cinnamon. She was in shock (as most of you may be as well) I believe she said something to the effect; How the hell can you not like cinnamon?! I may be exaggerating and these may not be her exact words - no quotes were used. But if these were not the exact words - that is what was implied! (hahah -It's okay I still love ya Nicole!) Basically, it gives me a headache if I smell it too long. I'm a wuss. Yes I know this. But here is the extremely bizarre thing...

I love/hate the smell of this soap! I can't stop smelling it. It basically smells like a red hot. When it was curing (it's fully cured and ready for buying now) I would walk by my soap racks and just picked it up and inhale it in! Every time I would die laughing and say "Why do I love this soap so much!? I hate cinnamon!!" My mister thought I was insane (who am I kidding he always thinks that) 

So this is for you Nicole, "Citrus N' Spice" aka - "Nicole's how the hell do you not like cinnamon soap"