Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Hive and wholesaling

This past weekend I did a mini photo shoot and put some new listings up at my shop  ( I always love getting all my soaps together for a photo op - They are so bright and colorful together) I now am offering small discounts for multiple soap purchases. The more bars, the bigger the discount. I offer them in groups of 3 / 5 / 10. The 

I also created better categories. My clay (unscented) soaps are now sectioned off with categories: Oily/ Acne; All sin types; Dry/ Sensitive. This should definitely help people that quickly want to know which facial bar would be best for their skin type instead of having to read through the entire description of each soap. I wish you could have more characters in a description though. But I made it work best I could.

I do have a few other updates coming that I am really excited to share. But I'll make separate posts for those once time comes closer to launching them. Have to keep a few secrets!

So here is my question to all you business owners out there. (It's a multi-parter)

1. Do you offer wholesale?
If yes..then
2. Do you have a formal contract?
3. Do you check and ask for the potential buyer's shop location and business resale id number to research them?
4. How do you calculate out your wholesale price? - A flat 50% off your retail price? Do you factor in the shipping price when calculating the amounts (ex. I sell soaps on Etsy for $6, but technically a buyer is paying more than that depending on shipping - so are you placing your MSRP at your Etsy price PLUS shipping (then offering the 50% off that?)

Ok. That's a lot of questions, I know. I'm just trying to get a grasp on what other people do. Its also hard because I can't charge a crazy price for my soaps. I don't get the luxury of tacking on money for my time etc. If I were to really use the "calculators" out there - my soaps would be way to expensive for anyone to buy haha. It kind of places you in this small confined box of what you need to make, to make a profit - but that leaves not much room (if any) if someone inquires about wholesale.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you all have to say!