Wednesday, February 27, 2013

wiw vol 10 - Red Lights

Red Lights
2012 - R - 1 hour 53 minutes
Streaming Netflix


The skeptical psychologist Dr. Margaret Matheson and her assistant, the physicist, Tom Buckley, are specialists in disclosing fraudulent paranormal phenomena. When the famous psychic Simon Silver reappears to his public after many years of absence, Tom becomes obsessed to investigate whether Silver is a fraud or not.

Red lights is the term that is used for anomalies that flag up signs that something is wrong. Signourney Weaver plays Dr. Margaret Matheson who is a professor and psychologist working at an unnamed university with a physicist, Tom Buckley played by Cillian Murphy. They travel around the country to debunk the afterlife and psychic abilities, while also teaching their students about all the tricks that have been used to fool believers. Simon Silver, played by Robert DeNiro, comes out of retirement as the world's most respected psychic healer and returns back making appearances in sold out arenas. 
Tom becomes absolutely obsessed with wanting to "debunk" Silver while Dr Matheson wants to stay away from the case as she had dealings with Silver back in the 70's. 
The movie got pretty poor reviews when it was released. I liked it and thought it was worth watching. But I also love the paranormal, skeptics, and movies with twists and have you thinking throughout the whole movie.
I think some people are strange about admitting their feelings and if they believe in the afterlife. I am not a religious person, so my belief in ghosts is not connected with a religion or thought that there are white pearly gates somewhere. But my belief is that the spirits of living creatures are around us and are energies that some people are more sensitive to see.
My husband thinks I'm a total weirdo for believing in ghosts. But I don't care. I have had too many experiences to not believe there is something more than a human living within skins, they live in spirit too. You can all roll your eyes and jump on the "Trisha's a weirdo bus" I'm fine with that. 
Very soon I will be having a special feature that I've been working on. I have been putting together some bloggers (who also believe!) and have also had personal experiences that we'd all like to share with you all. We will all be posting up some of our personal ghost stories. So get ready. Start a campfire, roast some marshmallows and pull up a log to sit on. Its going to get pretty scary around these parts!
Do you believe? Do you have any real life encounters and have a blog? If you do and want to take part email me at veranellies {at} gmail {dot} com and we'll get this ghost story circle larger! Don't be a party pooper, be a good sport and even if you don't believe. Don't be mean and call us names for believing in something else out there. Got it!? Good!