Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a little garden center of our own..

There is a local garden center/ nursery that is for sale that the mister and I keep dreaming of buying. If anyone wants to front us the $300k we would be forever grateful ;)

I've been trying to think of an actual way to buy it though. It would be perfect for us, especially the mister. He was born to work outdoors with plants and landscaping. He's just a natural at it.

We've been talking about the little things we would change and then he showed me this:

The mister has been interested in learning the art of sign painting and he has been reading THIS blog and been inspired by his work. (All images from his blog)

But wouldn't these be amazing? Such a great idea. Okay, now back to brainstorming (daydreaming) on how to come up with $300k....

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