Thursday, May 23, 2013

welcome to my front yard part 2 potatoes!!!

Last week I shared with you the starting process of our front yard. The mister has gotten quite a bit done over the last 2-3 weeks.

Including my potato box! He built it using an old pallet. the slots on the sides will allow us to put our grubby hands in and pull out the potatoes.

He read that soaker hoses are the best to use in potato boxes. So we started by filling the bottom of the box with a mix of compost and manure.

You place the potato starters with their eyes upward - we are doing half purple (i forgot the technical names) and half gold potatoes. We then began to wrap in the soaker hose.

Covered the potatoes with more of the compost/manure mix we made up. We now will place straw on top (which is now on top- I was just too lazy to go take another picture). Once the potatoes begin growing you continue to add to the layers. Hopefully we get lots of potatoes because I'm a potato fiend! 

Next week I'll show you our awesome raspberry bushes we got (thornless in containers!) and our one plot that has our broccoli, carrots, lettuces and radishes. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of xtra cash this summer to spend on buying all the dirts/composts/peat/hummus etc. So we are going to do it the natural way- so not all will be plantable in this summer/fall. But we should have a bit going, next year year will be insanity! I can't wait.