Tuesday, May 28, 2013

welcome to our backyard..

Over the years of living here our backyard has transformed just about as many times as our front yard. And like our front yard, it's finally coming together just as we imagined it to be. Now to some, it might just look like an overgrown backyard wilderness. To us, it's just what we envisioned.

It's becoming this crazy life of it's own. It's so interesting to see what is going to pop up. Random ground covers, flowers and ferns are taking over the yard...and we couldn't be happier.

Some people may look at it as laziness. We look at it as being natural and letting the land do what it whats to. Who wants perfectly mowed grass and pristine lawns that are treated with chemicals? Certainly not the bugs and insects. Certainly not us. The girls LOVE the back yard as do all the insects, butterflies, bugs, bees and birds. It will only get better as more trees and wild flowers take over. Our little forest in the middle of the city.