Monday, May 06, 2013

the return of Market Mondays!!

We couldn't ask for a more gorgeous, perfect Saturday to kick off the season. We got up super early, packed the car and off we went. We were up and all set up prior to 8am. This picture is so funny - the sun is coming through so you can see right through our table cloth, it looks so bizarre!

This is our mock setup. We have big plans for what it will look like over the next few weeks. We borrowed the tent from my sister until I can get one of my own and the table was borrowed from our friend Erick. It's awesome having family and friends that have random things to help setup a booth at a craft event!

Setting up we realized we had forgotten an entire stack of soaps at home - my dog soaps, a few clay soaps and the sea kelp. But we still had plenty to pick from. Those are also the last of my wash cloths, then they are being discontinued. I just bought some amazing organic cotton to crochet up all new wash cloths - it is sooooo soft, plus organic. Yes, a much better fit for our shop.

We had a great day. I wish every Saturday could have the same weather. in the 70's, slight breeze, sunny. Like I said, you couldn't have asked for a better day to kick things off. 

The customers seemed to love our packaging, lots of positive comments and lots of "this smells amazing!" 

I'm happy with the kickoff. The mister and I sat joking and laughing the entire day. It really was the perfect Saturday. Here's to six months more!

I didn't really walk around, only went over to see our friends, Kelly and Adam and their new peanut. They had their first child, Silas, on April 15th. Holy moly he is so teeny tiny! It's still super early so not much to report in the way of "buys" - But those yummy posts will be coming back too. 

Hope you all had amazing weekends.