Wednesday, May 08, 2013

wiw vol 19 - Degenerate Art - The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes

2011 - NR - 1 hour 15 minutes
Streaming Netflix


"Degenerate Art" is a true document of the art and culture of glass pipe-making. It is the first film to ever bring to light this invisible sub-culture in a comprehensive and well informed format. The film itself tells the story of the movement through the voices of the pipe makers themselves and the industry that surrounds them. "Degenerate Art" tells the story of glass pipe-making from Bob Snodgrass and the origins of the "color-changing" pipe, to the radical emerging art movement it has become today. Despite federal laws and events like Operation Pipe dreams, pipe makers are pioneering not only new techniques in working glass, but have also created a whole new genre of American folk art. Between raw materials and glass working tools, and consumer demand for glass pipes, a huge multi-million dollar industry has formed around this taboo culture. The pieces not only reflect the artists making them, they are a reaction to the status quo. The work itself challenges our right to free ..

I was completely blown away (haha no pun intended) by this movie. The art that these glassblowers and flameworkers produce is simply stunning. I am so envious of their skills with a torch. It sparked me to want to get back out in my studio again. I just wish I had someone that was local to me that I could apprentice under to learn the craft better. If you are a lover of art and hand craftsmanship - watch this movie.