Wednesday, May 15, 2013

wiw vol 20 - Climbing Redwood Giants

2009 - TV-PG - 45 minutes
Streaming Netflix

Ancient and majestic, the Pacific coast's redwoods tower more than 300 feet above the forest floor. Join redwoods researcher Steve Sillett for a unique, vertical tour of these giants, climbing their trunks and exploring their massive crowns. Aerial laser surveys reveal hidden ecosystems and strange predators living in the forest canopy. Meanwhile, back on the ground, explorer Mike Fay charts the past and assesses the future of these primeval trees.

I watched this movie a couple years ago, but it was so beautiful and too good to not mention and share here. I have always been a lover of gorgeous trees and there is nothing like these giants out on the west coast. It is a dream of mine to be able to go and explore the forests as I know I will be in awe over the beauty and sheer size, as we have nothing like that around these parts. In the mood for a quick, breath taking movie? Check this one out.