Monday, May 13, 2013

weekend wrap-up

Sorry for the horrible photos, but I wanted to show the baby blanket I made for our friends this past week. Kelly and Adam (our friend's from the Farmer's Market) had a baby boy, Silas, on April 15th. They didn't want to know the sex until the baby was born, which I think is really cool and very rare. She told me, "It's the one last thing you can truly be surprised about" 

So this past week I crocheted this little bugger up for them. I'm completely in love with the colors. I finished late at night on friday, and the market was first thing saturday. I meant to take better pictures on saturday before I handed it off to them but totally forgot. 

I made it a little bigger than baby blankets I've made in the past so that it can also turn into "toddler blanket" as well. 

The market was a rainy one this weekend. Many vendors didn't even go to set up. It was spotted with rain here and there, but we still did okay and I'm really glad we went. I told the mister that the only time we probably wont go is if there is a blizzard come next fall/winter. other than that I'll brave it.

Sunday we worked on our gardens and got our potatoes planted. I'm so excited to show you the front yard - I'll put everything together and show you all this week the progress. Mister was outside finishing up making the potato box on Saturday night and he said that a woman drove by really slow, turned around and then parked across the street just staring at our front yard! haha

It is amazing, if I say so myself. I probably would stare at it too if I was driving by. The transformation this yard has taken over the past years we've been here has been crazy. I did tell the mister that this is the LAST time we are changing it up! Next year we are hoping we can be part of the Open Farm day that we go to. Have people stop by our house and show them what you are able to do and what you can produce just in our own little city plot of land. I'll have to look into it to see how we can participate. 

Oh, I also created a new soap this weekend. Looky here to read more about it. Be sure to add to bloglovin or GFC so you won't miss out on any updates or discount codes!

What did everyone do this weekend? It was a lot cooler out than it has been, and rainy up in these parts. It looks like mid to late week should be back in the low 70's, just where I like it.

Happy Monday all!