Thursday, May 16, 2013

welcome to my front yard part 1

Last year we began the transformation to turn our front yard flower gardens:

..into full on veggie gardens. I'm sure a lot of you are probably thinking we are crazy. Our yard was gorgeous. It really was. We had compliments all the time. People would walk by in awe. I don't have any more recent photos (well I can't find any - I know they exist somewhere) but it was even more full then these pictures above. 

But here was the problem. The first year it was amazing, second year got a little unruly, and by last summer it had gone out of control. The weeds were so hard to keep under control that midway through the summer I just gave up. We thought by putting down the rockdust in the walkways that nothing could come up, we were wrong. Very wrong. Picking little teeny weeds out of that stuff was a nightmare.

We had discussed for a while what our plan was and how we had wanted to take our small side garden:

..and instead of mainly only having herbs and a few veggies- we wanted to have an entire front yard of veggies, herbs and flowers. 

I had hoped we were going to have the entire layout done last year. I'm a person that wants projects done and I don't want to stop until they get finished. My mister on the other hand. unless he is extremely motivated, sometimes it can take a while to get a project finished. *insert big sigh here* So last year we were able to build few boxes and started the composting process. But nothing got past that point. 

So I really got on him this year that we need to get a move on - so over the past few weeks he built the remaining boxes and we have begun planting. 

We had lots of rocks delivered for the pathways. He put it in the walkways really thick, so no weeds can come up and if any weeds grow on the top they will be super easy to pull out.

This was phase one. Next week I will share the completed layout, all rocks in along with my potato box and how we are hopefully going to grow 100 pounds of potatoes this summer! Do you have a garden? What are you planting this year?