Tuesday, July 02, 2013

garden progress

Thought I would share my garden that is exploding out in our front yard..since I last shared my potatoes have gone bonkers..

They are even larger now and we need to put down another layer of mulch. This year we have not had to water once. The constant rain here in Central NY is depressing actually. I think we possibly may have had two nice days in all of June, all the rest were rain. As you can imagine, while I joke and say things like "it's awesome for my water bill this year of not having to water my garden.." It's not awesome for my town.

This past friday..this is what happened to my city:

If that wasn't bad enough, it continues to rain. Down pour rain at that. Over 160 families have lost their homes, over 20 businesses have lost their livelihoods. The rain is supposed to continue through Thursday. 

I am personally not affected by the flooding but live very close to these areas that are currently under water. To my knowledge everyone is safe (including the furry type). To me that's all that matters.

I don't want to turn this into a large post about this, I just wanted to give an update to those friends that knew where I lived and had heard and asked about what was going on up here. 

Hope all is well with everyone in your neck of the world. My heart also goes out to all the families affected by the horrible fires out in AZ and all the firemen that lost their lives.