Monday, July 15, 2013

market mondays..

The market was another good weekend for us. While it was hot and humid, were our spot is located it is awesome because we are shaded by some trees (and of course our tent). But these hot weekends I splurge on hand squeezed lemonade that is so delicious.

We didn't get too much food because Adam and Kelly are going to be giving Kevin a "cooler full" of food on Tuesday when he goes out to their farm. So we only picked up some cherries (stop in tomorrow to check out that yummy post!!), peppers, and bread.

A band set up right behind our booth and were playing music for a couple hours. It's so fun when bands set up or people sit and bring  guitar. The market is really large, over 100 vendors each week. I tried to take a short video, but it was extremely hard to hear the music on it. Here's just a little snippet of the market at out area of the park. There are roughly 100 vendors, lots to see. Maybe one of these weekends I'll walk the entire market and take a video.

After the market we went to our favorite shop, Hamilton Whole Foods (not to be confused with 'Whole Foods Market' massive chain shops). Hamilton Whole Foods sells real yummy organic, vegan, vegetarian and local foods and goodies. They have a small area up front for people to drink coffee and an area in the back to sit and have lunch and dinners that they cook up. We always talk about having lunch there but never do...until this past weekend. 

My sandwich was a grilled panini 'nature/vegan' patty, with tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and vegan mayo (they make their own condiments). They also usually put cheese and an herb dressing on it as well, I passed on both - but next time might have them give me the herb dressing on the side. It was delicious!!!

The mister had a falafel wrap, full of lots of veggies (not sure exactly everything that was in there) He scarfed his right down and then helped me finish my sandwich, so I'm assuming his was tasty too! 

(sorry for the bad pictures, my iphone didn't want to focus apparently - it was too hungry)

So we have decided that every weekend will be our little treat to have lunch at the market after. 

Do you have a local spot you have special lunches at?