Tuesday, July 09, 2013


On Saturday night we were having dinner in our backyard with our friend Erick when Polly went after something. Kevin was able to get her away from it in time to rescue this little baby bird. 

We searched for a nest and after a bit were able to see that the nest was actually on my neighbors house. Erick suggested we place the little guy out on the grass in the neighbors yard in hopes the mom would come down and feed him. But we know there are kitties that roam around our houses at night so we decided against that.

Next suggestion, get a box and try to feed the little guy ourselves.

So Erick picked a bunch of grass and made it a little bed, we got a little dish of water and then Erick and Kevin went hunting for worms and tried to fed him. We had the box outside and later that night they said the mama bird found the box and was going into the box to feed the baby! (I wish I had a picture of that!)

I woke up around 5am to it just beginning to rain, I ran outside and placed the box in Kevin's shop and shut the door. I was glad I did because minutes later it was a complete downpour for a couple hours.

In the morning I went back to check on the little bugger..and he was gone! I searched and searched in the shop but couldn't find him. So I left the doors open just in case he was still in there and managed to get himself out. When Kevin got up he walked around the back yard and found him way in the back behind my studio. He said he was able to fly just a little bit, but he caught him and put him back in the box so that Polly wouldn't get him.

I took this short little video not long after, he kept trying to fly out of the box. A few hours later he was gone.  We can't find him in the backyard so we are hoping he is now able to fly a little further.

Good luck on your travels little Marvin!