Wednesday, July 03, 2013

wiw vol 27 Doc Martin

Doc Martin - British TV Series


Dr. Martin Ellingham, a London-based surgeon, relocates to the picturesque seaside village of Port Wenn, establishing himself as the area's general practitioner. He grew up in the area having been raised by his now widowed Aunt Joan Norton. His reasons for leaving London and the high-paid life of a consultant are not clear initially but related to a phobia he has recently developed. He soon meets several of the locals and eccentricity abounds. Martin's situation is made more difficult by what can only be referred as an almost complete lack of an acceptable bedside manner. He is gruff, abrupt and intolerant, not only in issues related to medicine, but to life in general. He and the headmistress of the local school, Louisa Glasson, are clearly attracted to each other and despite their awkwardness, slowly develop a relationship.

We have been loving this show..and not to get anyone else hooked... Netflix for some reason dropped seasons 2-4 on streaming. I talked to an agent who says its a glitch and they should be back up soon. So we shall see. I was getting really into the quirky comedy and sad that I hadn't watched it before, many times I just brushed past it. Thought about watching it but never did. 
I think its on Hulu and Amazon Prime if you have access to either of those as well.
I hope they get the seasons back up and on streaming before too long. I need to see whats going on! Great show!