Monday, July 29, 2013

Market Mondays..weekend roundup

This weeks loot; corn on the cob, peppers, lemons, zucchini, plums, apricots, and cinnamon raisin bread. I forgot to take a picture of all the meat the mister brought home last week from him working on the farm. But we got five chickens, steaks, hamburg, bacon, sausage, and other random cuts of met that I've never heard of. It was A LOT of meat. We will be set for a few weeks. It's awesome because he will continue to get more and we will be able to fill our freezers. 

After the market we came home and I put together a basket of goodies for our friends wedding.

We actually ended up adding a couple more clay soaps to the basket as well. I was pretty happy with how it came out. I had crocheted the wash cloths and a towel from organic yarn, I cannot even explain how awesome and soft they were. 

The wedding was gorgeous and the food was completely amazing. (Buffet style - take what you want - lamb, beef, pork, homemade sauces, carrots, potatoes, beets, salad, and slaws. All the food was from their farm and other local farms. The cupcakes and cake were made by another farmers market vendor and friend, Martine. I don't even have words for how delicious those cupcakes were, a surprise of blueberry and rhubarb compote in the centers!

Hands down the best wedding we have gone to. And of course, who couldn't love Silas in his little tux onesie!?