Monday, May 07, 2012

bittersweet weekend..

I hope you all are enjoying the new Sunday feature; Behind the Scenes. I am having a lot of fun working with all different artists and crafters from around the world to bring you their story and open you up to some shops you may have never seen. Please, if you know of a handmade shop you would like featured, or if you have your own shop you'd like featured - leave me a comment. I would love to hear feedback and your suggestions.

K and I had a bittersweet weekend. We had a beautiful first day at our farmers market as well as found a new whole foods/ organic shop to do our remaining grocery shopping - it's actually directly across from the market. I forgot my phone (which is typical me) but I took some yummy pictures of our spoils when we came home.

The spoils: homemade rolls, homemade semolina bread (it is SO good), fresh eggs, potatoes, carrots, radishes, pork chops and london broil, fresh butter,calendula flower petals, dried lavender and a block of beeswax. It was so much fun. I can't express how much I love going out there and walking around and seeing all the vendors again. My favorite is Daniel, an Amish man that usually brings many of his children to help him with the eggs and meats. We went to their farm last year and they are simply the nicest family and nicest children I have ever met. I wish they would adopt me. 
We then went to the whole foods store across the road and fell in love. There was an older couple working there and they were so friendly. There is an area where they make lunches, it smelled so fabulous. Next week I promise to take pictures, as we will probably have lunch there.

On Sunday we decided to take the girls on adventures to the sand plains. It's a pine forest with sandy ground. It's one of the only places (if the only place) that has these special wild lupines and a lupine moth. The flowers will probably be in bloom next weekend, so we may take the girls back out. It was Ella's first long track adventure.

We've been taking the girls out there for a few years now, even when we still had Lily we were going. I always walk the two girls and K takes on Polly seeing that I can't even remotely hold onto her. They were always way ahead of us and having to stop and wait for us short legged girls to catch up. It was so funny there were a few times I think Ella forgot what her father looked like because she actually got scared of him and wouldn't walk up to him when they were in the distance. I would have to yell to him for him to yell back to her so she could hear his voice, then she was okay. it was really funny. 

Well.. while we had a very nice weekend full of adventures we also had a loss to my family. I found out on Saturday that my aunt passed away on Friday night. She wasn't "technically" my aunt, but I don't know how she could have been any closer related. My mother's side of the family: my mom's father and aunt barbara's father were brothers - and then my mom's mom (gramma vera) and aunt barbara's mom were sisters (so sisters married brothers) so yeah, that is a pretty close relationship with my mom and her. She was always there for anyone no matter what was needed. She actually even married me and K (she was a pastor as well) She was just a truly amazing woman who really put everyone else before herself. She will be greatly missed, especially at family get togethers when she'd put people in their place. I loved that about her, she told it like it was. She will be greatly missed...Love you Aunt Barbara.

(I won't be posting an mcm post again this week - but I promise to put them back next week. Most likely a garden post won't make it up as well. I really apologize but lots going on here and that comes first)