Friday, May 18, 2012

fff vol 15

What a long week, I thought it would never end. K is headed home to Massachusetts this weekend, leaving me home alone with the girls. It stinks because it's suppose to be a gorgeous weekend and i'm going to be stranded at home without a car. I'm hoping to 1. sleep in. (something I never do) 2. work on my new business - logos, layouts and packaging 3. work out in my studio 4. possibly mulch the front yard 5. laundry 6. major cleaning and rearranging of my house I'm actually looking forward to it. I usually get tons done when I'm alone, so while I'll miss my mister I'm hoping to be really productive and spend the days with the girls.

Now, onto favorite finds friday...

I found this rug this past week. I want it for our bedroom. I will never be able to have it though. I can already imagine Ella chewing on it and trying to drag it around by its claws.

I found my dream home as well. The house is only 540sq feet and seriously is everything I want in a house.

It's finally getting warm and will soon not be blanket weather. But nothing is better than sitting by a fire pit on a cold, breezy night with a cozy handmade blanket. This is one that I want to make for myself.

And I am going to leave you with one of my favorite songs. K and I listen to this in our backyard and dream about "now". It's from the 180 South soundtrack. Lots of good music in that movie -as well as it being an amazing documentary. This song just makes me think of waves and beaches and smiles and purity and that I should live in the moment and let my work stresses roll off my back . To live in the moment and just enjoy what you do have and who you share it with.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Live in the now.