Wednesday, May 16, 2012

gw vol 5

I don't have too much of an update for you. We have been so busy with "life" that the front yard got put on hold for a couple weeks. But here is a small update, the following pictures were taken about a week and a half ago..

We added a few portions off the box we put in a couple weeks ago, and started on another large box. This next box will also be double high and have smaller portions come off. This is as far as we got because we ran out of wood. So we just laid it out where we wanted it to be. The string going across is the "3 foot" marker that we will make sure to not cross again!

Over the past week things have started to go crazy out there. We haven't been able to work on the layout. But I went out and took some pictures just now so you can see how quickly everything is sprouting! Most of the irises are in bloom. The chives are coming up everywhere. And those arches and grape vines..thats what sold us on this house.. I will give you a word of advice. Never base a purchase decision because something looks cool. This house has been one major disaster after the next. We still arent even near completed upstairs  (which is exactly why it looks abandoned if you can see into the upstairs windows) and now the outside has gone to pot -needs a new roof, new porch (both roof of porch and floor of porch) needs paint, and hole fixing, the list goes on and on. If anyone ever wins the lotto and wants to donate to a charity case- please remember me and my poor house before it just falls in on us!

I was really hoping to be able to get out there this coming weekend, but it looks like K is going to go visit his brothers this weekend out in Massachusetts, so I guess another weekend of no construction. Sucky-suck.

Well I hope everyone is having a fantastic middle of the week. I can not believe we are already mid May. How is this possible?!