Friday, May 11, 2012

fff vol 14

Most of my free time lately has been doing researching. I've always been a nerd, so it just makes me feel like I'm back in school again. I'm learning and educating myself on all organic ingredients and free trade for my upcoming endeavor. I will share more, when I get a little further along. But I'm having a lot of fun and learning so much information. 

Mother's day is coming up this weekend and I've been thinking of ideas for my mom and K's. We are planning on getting items for the Farmer's market and create baskets for them both, unfortunately K's mom lives out in Boston so it's going to be harder - we won't be able to get her the amazing plants and herbs we saw last week. But we'll come up with something fantastic.

Here are some ideas that we are thinking about:

A piece of local pottery from handmade artisans. I believe this artist is sometimes at the Farmer's Market we go to.

A lavender plant. I absolutely love lavender and it has so many healing powers and therapeutic uses and can be used in so many different ways. Plus I love giving flowers that can be planted and keep giving through out the season, instead of buying cut flowers that will die very shortly there after. 

Handmade candles. I sometimes think candles are the "generic gift". They sometimes turn into that "secret santa" safe gift you can give anyone. But I'm not talking, going into a "big box" shop and getting a $2 candle. I'm talking handmade, beautiful candles.

I may also make up some of my first batches of cleaners and lotions if I can find some of the ingredients locally. 

What is everyone else doing? Do you have anything special planned or a tradition you do each year?