Friday, May 25, 2012

fff vol 16

Holy mother, this felt like the longest week on earth. On wednesday I was completely and totally convinced it was thursday and was excited for the week to be almost over. Literally just before I was getting done with work that day a co-worker made a comment that made me realize it was, in fact, NOT thursday but only wednesday. I was devastated. I even asked her if she was "sure it was wednesday" hahah she must think I'm a wacko. Oh well. This weekend should be a fun one though and I'm looking forward to having 3 days off (even if I will pay for it dearly at work next tuesday) 

My brother just finished another year at Corcoran in DC, normally he comes home for the summer -  but not this year. This year he got an off campus apartment and will be staying down there. I know he is super excited (I love the DC area, and used to live down there, so I understand why he wouldn't want to come back up here!) But he will be here for the weekend. Which means - cook out at my parents house on Saturday. So Saturday will be jammed packed with fun. Farmer's market, antiquing and then cook out with some sort of cake! i love cake, now i need to decide what to make. I usually always make whoopie pies- it's my staple and what everyone loves. I think people actually get upset with me if I show up and don't have a pocketful, seriously. But while I LOVE my whoopie pies - I think I want to make something different - maybe something with fruit, cause..yum..who doesn't love fruit with cake?!! haha

Moving on, because I could probably talk about my love for cake for hours and that would just bore everyone's time for...fabulous or fantastic or whatever f word you want to insert here, finds friday!

I have been keeping a project/new business under wraps and will be ready reveal things pretty soon, but here is a small little hint. I will be supporting fair trade and organic farming while doing so. A very heavy large package is scheduled to be delivered today and I can not even begin to explain how completely and totally excited I am!!

I am in love with this basket. It doesn't look too difficult to make either, because you know, I need yet another project to work on.

Oh my goodness  - can I please move here? It is such a fantastic and simple house in Japan.

I am in LOVE with this tee shirt. I have been saving my credit at ModCloth for a while now, I could definitely get this and still have plenty left to get some pretty dress at another point in time. But I really think this shirt is calling my name.

Because I started talking about cake..I have cake on my mind. I'm thinking maybe making this for Saturday? I just always get nervous trying to make a recipe I've never made before the day of an "event". Hmmm, we'll see. If I do make it, I will definitely take pictures and post more about it.

Okie doke. I hope everyone have fabulous (long) weekends and gets to accomplish as much stuff (or as little) as you'd like!

Happy weekend! ... finally...