Saturday, May 19, 2012

hazy days

It's been a very nice "lazy" weekend so far. Mister left for Massachusetts directly after work last night and my parents called to take me our to dinner so that I wouldn't be home alone. I haven't been out to dinner with them in quite a long time so it was really nice to just sit and chat for a couple hours.

This morning they were kind enough to drive me out to the farmer's market (it's about 20+ minutes away). We had a really good time. I also discovered where I get my indecisiveness from! My mother! They had never been so they were looking at every vendor's goods, which was a lot of fun because normally we just go to certain vendors, get what we need and leave. My mom loved all the potters and then got stuck at a booth for handmade soaps and candles. She went back and forth for well over 30 minutes deciding what to buy. My dad had left and walked around and came back numerous times to find us in the same spot with my mom still scratching her head. She wound up buying a "thing". Okay, I really have no idea what they are called, but they are like heating pads. This one was filled with organic rice and different essential oils. It was divided into three cavities filed with the rice so that if you wrapped it around your neck after heating it up - all the rice wouldn't all slide down to one side. Then there was an outer cover fabric "case"  that was washable. It was actually really nice and made my mom extremely happy. She told the woman that she had one before "but threw it out recently because it smelt like burnt popcorn" haha She also picked up some soap and a wooden block soap dish for one of her friends she is seeing tomorrow for a picnic.

When we were leaving I was explaining to her that I am going to crochet wash clothes and also "soap cozies" when I get my shop open. The "soap cozy" is going to be a little crochet case of sorts that you put your soap inside of and then when you are washing the soap comes through the cozy. 

When they dropped me off at home, I decided to try out making one of my cozies. I called up my mom and asked her for the dimensions of the soap she just bought and then I began crocheting. I only had one little skein of cotton yarn that was multi colored. When I make them for the shop they will be made from organic, natural cotton in a neutral color without any dyes. I have found a few places that sell the yarn - it looks like it comes in three different varying shades of natural, sage and brown

I'm leaning toward the natural/oatmeal type color. I'm just worried if that one may get too dingy looking after too much use. Thoughts? Maybe I'll go with the sage...

So anyway - I made up my cozy, called my mom to tell her and then she asked if I could also make up a wash cloth. So I hung up, made up a wash cloth and called her back. Her response, "You are done already?!" 

I think they came out cute, especially for a "prototype" I don't have a soap bar the same size as the one she just bought, so I put one in that was the closest to take pictures. The bar I have is about 1/4" - 1/2" longer than the one she has and the one this was actually made for..

The cozy is sewed up on the bottom, so it's more of a little pouch. 

I think it came out pretty good and is going to make a nice little gift to give to her friend tomorrow. Alright time to start playing with logos and packaging ideas. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. It is simply gorgeous here in New York. 

Here was my view while sitting outside crocheting:

Apparently the girls think the sofa is theirs. (yes I have a cushion for that other chair in the background, but I only brought out a few for us to sit on as I don't leave them outside unless we are out there)

Have a great rest of your weekend!!