Wednesday, May 23, 2012

gw vol 6

Our garden is starting to get in its "out of control" stage. I have banned weeding this year because everything is just being dug up and transplanted to different beds and different paths will be made. We are also turning the grass strip between the sidewalk and the road into a flower bed. So this year we are just mulching it really well and by next year it should have amazing soil for all kinds of fun plants and flowers.

Here are a few things popping up around the yard..

I started putting down the mulch on Sunday when K wasn't home (apparently I did it all wrong and now we have to do it again.) But here are some pictures of my hard work, prior to us raking it all up and then putting down cardboard over the entire spaces.

Here is my dad playing on his tractor in their back woods getting me a truck full of mulch:

Work in progress and dirty hands..

My work, until K got home and told me it wasn't done right and had to be done again!

And lastly.. I thought it was only fitting to wear this shirt while working:

Does anyone else have fun garden adventures? Or completely finish a project only to be told you sucked and did it wrong and it needs to done over?! Please share!! Until next week - happy gardening. And advice from the mister, "Do it right the first time"