Friday, May 04, 2012

fff vol 13

Sorry for getting this out so late today. I have been trying to be good and schedule the posts so they release at midnight so everyone from all over can read a friday post, well on friday! But I ended up getting lured into laziness yesterday when I got done with work because the weather was just perfect that K and I sat on our new cushions and talked for hours, while cooking out and having a yummy grilled chicken dinner.

Which brings us to today - I had to drive into work and then I got lured into working overtime. I used to work crazy amounts of ot. Like sometimes over 30 hours of ot, on top of my already normal 40 hour work week. But they cut all ot this past winter, which means, obviously, that was a drastic cut in pay (but a drastic breath of sanity given back to me!) so whenever we are given a smidgen I have a hard time passing it up. So I committed to 5 hours (but can work more if I want to and have the time) But this weekend is the kickoff of our Farmers Market! So I wanted to get it some of it out of the way so I can just enjoy my weekend. So, now today I had a long work day. Boo on that. But yay for it being friday and me not having to work too many hours tomorrow.

So my friday post is actually going to be a little different today, cause you know me, always changing up the rules. Today its all about things in my life that I think are super fabulous and made my week so much brighter.


Last night was the perfect night. Our new cushions came in for our vintage set and the weather was amazing. We sat outside talking for hours while grilling good food. If only every night could be so divine. Here's to a fantastic weekend. Tomorrow kicks off the farmers market, I can't even begin to express how excited I am. There probably won't be too much there, but I'm still really looking forward fresh eggs, homemade breads, local meats and veggies..yay for summer coming!

Hope you all have a great weekend!