Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bad Ella Part II

Don't let this sweet little face fool you... this little girl knows how to be bad..very bad. I had this past Friday off. Nothing planned, just wanted to get a few things done.. none of which I really did, but it was still nice to have another three day weekend. 

But little Ella here decided to give her mama a heart attack. Polly has always been the bad girl of the house. She likes to dig under the fence, escape and then be brought home in the back seat of a police car (three rides she's taken so far - she thinks shes a bad ass).

They were having "open door" policy. I was leaving the door open for them to come and go as they pleased through out my work day. All was well .. until Polly got her Summer-itch to start digging again. I had successfully filled multiple holes and each time I always place large flat rocks halfway under the fence so that no more digging can happen there (the entire interior is almost fully lined now! We have now run out of our flat rocks and I've taken to using any random objects..weird shaped rocks that were around our pond..pavers..bricks..anything that can fill a hole!) 

So due to the digging they are only allowed supervised visits outside. I had let them out and was just getting my shoes when I saw Polly standing in the corner, but no Ella. I started calling for Ella but nothing no rustling, nothing. I started to worry for a moment and thought that if Polly was still here why would Ella leave (she follows Polly EVERYWHERE) Just then, when calling her name, I saw a shadow on the other side of the fence moving. I called again and the shadow started coming toward me. My heart started racing. ELLA!!!!! and the shadow moved again. I ran over the the fence and jumped on it to look over (the fence is 6') and there she was, standing in my neighbors garden. 

I screamed, "ELLA, Oh My Goodness!!!". When you yell at her she plays dead, it's quite hilarious and definitely helped in this situation. While she laid there like a opossum I ran as fast as I could through the house, out the front door, dodging in and out of flowers and garden boxes in the front yard and around the house through the neighbors yard and garden. She was still laying there, right next to the little hole. I picked her up and hugged her so tight. 

Thank god she's not a runner. Though, if Polly had gotten out - who is very much so an extremely fast runner, I have no doubt that she would have tried to run where ever Polly was going. Polly is a hunting dog, she is bred and trained to travel miles away and come back to her owner (she even has awards because she was such a great hunter) Ella, is not even a foot tall and would look like a squirrel trying to cross the road. She wouldn't last long out there. She would either get hit or someone would snatch her up in a heart beat. 

I brought her back into the house and took them back outside and I filled in the hole. I sat on the ground crying hugging her and all three came around me giving me kisses. How I wished I could just explain to them that if they get out and run there is a very big chance they wont be coming back here. Polly has somehow gotten lucky all the times she's gotten out and we've gotten her back. 

I don't know what I would do if anything happened to any of them. I would be heartbroken and plain devastated.  They are my children. I think only other animal owners and lovers can really understand that. Some people have "dogs". Some people have "cats". And then some people have "Four legged furry children". There is a very big difference. 

Back to the scene of the crime. Here she is saying, "Mama, why is the hole filled up now? I want to go see the garden next door again."

Bad Ella, Bad!!