Monday, July 23, 2012

Market Mondays-

Sugar plums and peaches, oh my! I was so excited to see new fruits out this week. Especially sugar plums. They may just be one of my absolute favorite fruits. The bread people weren't this this week so we were horribly bummed out. Next weekend is Open Farm day. I can not even tell you how excited we are. We got our "passport" and I have mapped out the route to take so that we get to the Buffalo farm at lunch time to get burgers! I've never eaten Buffalo. I might be sad eating one after getting to hang out with them though. It's such a weird thing. The mister and I were vegetarian for over 10 years each and gradually have gone back to eating meats. I think it makes a huge difference though - getting your meats from a local farm where you can go and see how the animals are being treated, what they are fed and how they are cared for. Rather than buying meat at a grocery store or prepackaged from some big company like Perdue (don't get me started about that company and what they do to their chickens) Does anyone else live in a community that does something similar? We went last year and had so much fun..I can't wait.

Per usual, after our farmer's market adventure we headed to the next town over to go to a couple antique shops. I have been looking for a vintage wire plant stand for a while now with no success. I had actually found one at a local shop, but it specifically said "not for sale- for display only". I was quite heart broken because it was the exact one I had been wanting. On our adventures we were told about a new shop that was a few miles of course we went. When we pulled in I almost crashed because I got so excited..right out front was TONS of wire baskets, stands and odds and ends. I was so excited. I jumped out and raced over to the stand. While it was not the style I had been looking for (I had wanted a circle one) this one was really cool. How could I pass it up for 16 dollars!?

I think this is the first peek I've let anyone see into my home. It's pretty much under renovations, everywhere! But I put the stand next to where I work from home. I have a small desk with my computer set up (which is why you see so many cords) Oh, I can not wait for this house to get done so I can have nice crisp white walls and nice furniture..anyway..So the stand..pretty awesome, huh?! Now I just need to fill it with some plants. The top one is two geranium clippings my aunt gave me. They seem to be doing pretty well. The other is an african violet..Do you have any favorite house plants? I usually kill everything if it's inside - so I'm really trying my best to keep things alive and get some green into the house.

The second find (at the same shop) was this adorable, pyrex lemonade pitcher. I'm so excited to make fresh squeezed lemonade!!

This weekend was really productive and a good time. My brother was in town so Saturday night we went to see Batman. I know it sounds silly but I had sincere anxiety anytime someone got up or the door opened. The movie was, eh.. I've said it before..I'm not a huge hollywood, big-budget movie type of girl (not saying I don't enjoy some..just in general..I could really care less) I actually didn't even know there was a new Batman movie until I heard everything about the shooting. That's how out of touch I am with new movies (It also is because we don't have tv- so no commercials!!) 

After the forever long movie (almost 3 hours!) we went to get pizza. It was so uncomfortable..The pizza place stated they were open til midnight. The movie got done just a couple minutes after 11 and we headed over. When we got their we were met with rolling eyes (no one else was in the place) A waitress was vacuuming and looking at us like we just ruined her entire night. While we had every intention of eating there we decided to get it to go based on their annoyance. Now, I used to waitress myself. But like I explained to my brother and the mister. I was working fine dinning and if we were open to a certain hour we served and sat people until exactly that time. This was just a pizza shop. It's not like people were going to be ordering wine..dinners..desserts..coffees etc. Plus it was still slated to be open another hour. Oh well, we ordered our pizza and brought it back here to eat. It was really good to see my brother, he's such a good guy. While I was up way past my normal bedtime I had a really good time. 

Sunday was spent working on my cabinet makeover. It's almost done, just have to put the hardware back on  and get some contact paper for the bottom portion and it will be all set.

How was everyone's weekends? Anything exciting happen?