Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Garden Mania vol 12

Garden insanity! It's sooooooo crazy out there right now. We have done nothing - so weeds are also pretty rampant but surprisingly not too horrible because of how much everything has grown in and taken over. You can barely see the boxes we made. 

It's been HOT. I know it's hot every where. But I Hate hot. Hate with a capital H. Loathe hot. I don't know which is worse. But you get the point. Yesterday was 100 degrees in the shade and it was HUMID. Being hot is one thing but when its also like 100% humidity..oh mother..does it make me miserable! All I want to do is hibernate in the bedroom (the only room with ac) and pretend that its a normal livable, breathable temperature out in the real world of no air conditioning. How people like this is beyond me. Give me a 55-60 degree day - overcast, a little windy and I'm in my element! Content to wear a pair of pants and a hoodie..ah... dreaming of hoodie weather.. 

But anyway..back to the gardens. They have exploded! I can't wait for the temperature to cool back down to "normal" temperatures so we can begin moving clumps of flowers and getting everything ready and organized for next year.

I'm not sure what either of these flowers are called but I have lots of them! I moved a few of each to my back yard as well and will probably move a few more along our fence (again once the weather cools down a bit) 

Lots more blooming out front. Different colored lilies, bee balm, cone flowers of different variations, salvia, balloon flowers, mint, lavender, and a million more things that I don't names of that have either some how just randomly popped up out of no where, or where planted and were forgotten about.

While all our neighbors look at us like we are crazy, at least the bees love us. After looking at everything out there I really want to get out there and start rearranging. But I know I can't because it would quite surely kill the majority of the plants if I tried to move anything. Kevin's truck got fixed yesterday so all he needs to do is have the truck bed put on sometime this week and we'll be back to having a truck again. It's been so difficult only having one vehicle, and that vehicle not being a truck. You get used to being able to just run to the lumber yard and get wood for projects or go to my parents for their amazing mulch. I have so many things on lists that are adding up in anticipation for the arrival of the truck! First things first though, just taking it for a drive and getting ice cream because it is simply just one cool ass truck!