Saturday, July 07, 2012

Summer Manifesto 2012

Stealing a little bit of inspiration from my buddy Nicole I decided to write up a top ten list of things to accomplish this summer. I am obsessed with lists and have them all over the house. Mainly the lists I make are regarding projects to complete - things like redo the roof, hang sheetrock, fix hole in the side of the house (not everyone can say they have that one on a list somewhere!) the list goes on and on..I had to make multiple lists and only put up one so that it didn't scare and overwhelm the mister too much!

I'm a workaholic and have a hard time sitting still, so I am not promising that all of these will look like fun activities to most of you! But I worked really hard on coming up with relaxing and fun things I'd like to do.

In no particular order:

1. Go to the Farmer's Market every Saturday morning

2. Go to the 3 day antique show in August

3. Take the girls hiking to the Sand Plains (there are actually more trails than what they list on this website)

4. Take more pictures of my adventures

5. Finish a project I've been working on that is a Christmas gift (so I can't post anything about it until after Christmas!) -sorry for the vagueness! 

6. Get my tattoo of Lily I have been wanting (this is a big IF -  I'm sure I will chicken out)

7. Have adventures at the Open Farm Day on July 28th

8. Master my deodorant recipe

9. Travel out to the Farmers' Museum

10. Do something spontaneous (I plan EVERYTHING and am quite the hermit, so this may be the toughest challenge!)

Summer always goes by so fast and the Fall is here before you know it. Fall is my favorite season so it's fine by me to be done with the hot humid weather, but we haven't crossed anything off the list on the fridge yet - so I need some extended days before I can daydream about wearing hoodies and curling up under blankets!

Have you made any summer plans or lists of "to dos"? Ice cream nights to Coneheads are definitely in the future for the remainder of my summer too. I love getting frozen custard. So so yummy!!!