Friday, July 06, 2012

a little bit of luck..

This little bugger has been hanging out on my watering can since last night. I named her Grace. She helped me water all the new plants and flowers today and was even crawling on my hand (I'm not going to lie, it did freak me out at first, I'm not a "touch a bug" sort of girl..but I calmly put her back on the top of the can while we finished) 

A little bit of luck came into our lives last night when we found out the truck didn't need a new fuel pump, but only a new strap for the gas tank (something I had said earlier but everyone ignored my comments- you know being a girl and all what would I know about these sorts of matters - insert eye roll and head shaking here -) So the truck was delivered, money exchanged, and we are only out 100$ instead of the 600$ I thought it was going to be. Much better! Plus it's gone and out of our lives for good!! Woo-hoo, that makes me so happy. Anxiety now is gone!

Next step, get the brakes fixed and a bed built for K's truck and get this sucker on the road!!

I can't wait to be driving (ummm riding) down the road in this!