Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a bit of honesty...

It's not a secret that the past month or so I've been pretty bummed. Little things have been upsetting more than they normally would. At some point you just get to a place where you don't want to be walked all over anymore. You get fed up with being used and mistreated and then you just break. It was just a compilation of many things that had been eating away at me and I really think the "interview" was the breaking point. It put into perspective that I do not fit in working for corporate America (I already knew this- it just added a little more weight to the scale). There is no respect given to us and it has become very obvious that we are all just a spec in a big dirt pile.  This is not how I want to live. I can't continue to work for a company that I personally have lost all respect for. 

So while I put my life in order and figure out my next move I wanted to share with you a small list of things that I am grateful for. 

* The simplicity and joy of blowing on a poofie. (yes, that is the official name of the above specimen. yup. definitely called a poofie)
*Sunny, but cool Fall days
*Laughing to tears almost daily with my mister
*my friends for putting up with my weirdness - (like when I ask them what the official name is for the above named item and they start giving me some boring answer and I cut them off and tell them I don't like that answer and I have renamed said item "poofies"
*driving back country roads with no particular destination 
*ice cream on a hot day when it melts faster than you can ingest it!
*the moment you feel and smell the change in the season from summer to fall
*cuddling under the blankets with all my girls
*listening to music by a fire while crocheting and talking for hours with the mister
*living in the Northeast and watching the leaves change
*all of my readers and new friends I have made from having this blog. Thank you!

and lastly.. 
the moment you snap out of that bad mood and realize all the positives that came with the negatives you just experienced

What are you grateful for?