Monday, September 10, 2012

if you really knew me..

I've been seeing a lot of the "If your really knew me" posts over the past couple months and figured I would join in. The past month or so I've been feeling extremely stressed and run down. I feel on edge and snappy and I know the majority (if not all) of it I put on myself. I try my best to not complain on here. I don't want this blog turning into a bummer to read or an "ugh, she's still in a bad mood" blog. So I'm trying everything in my power to let the positives take over the negatives and flush those bastards out! It's also why I havent posted too much lately..the saying..if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all applies here.

So without further ado.. here is a little bit more about myself..

if you really knew me:

*You'd know that I have extreme expectations of myself (and sometimes others). Nothing is ever good enough and mistakes and set backs drive me crazy. (ex. I once cried for days because I received an A- in a course, thus no longer allowing me to have me perfect 4.0)
*You'd know that I constantly change my mind (this links to the above statement in many instances). I could have a perfect plan, perfect design, perfect goal in mind. But if I spend too much time thinking about something. I WILL change my mind. (this is what is going on right now with my soap shop logo and design - I'm driving myself quite literally mad over it all)
*You'd know I am a complete worry-wart and stress over things I have little or no control over. I envision the worst of a situation and dwell on things to the point of not eating or sleeping. I won't even go to sleep until my husband gets home if he goes out with friends. (man you'd think I had kids or something!)
*You'd know that my husband and my dogs are my life and that I love them all so much it hurts. (even Polly who I pretend to dislike half the time and call DOG!)
*You'd know I am a super fussy eater. I like basic and plain foods. It could have something to do with how I was raised but also because in my early 20's I seemed to get sick a lot. If I stick with foods I know, I am okay. So plain foods it is for me! My mister has gotten me to try lots of new foods that I never would have tried before though. Some are even now my favorites, including asparagus.
*You'd know I self teach myself everything. If I see something and think it's cool, I will teach myself how to do it! This has gone for crocheting, knitting, sewing, soap making, flameworking, etc. I think half of it stems from the fact that I am extremely cheap. If it can be made, I will seriously spend hours researching it and make it myself before buying it.
*You'd know I was a world-class face maker. Since I was itty bitty, this trait has always gotten me in trouble. Sometimes I know I'm doing it, other times I have no clue. I guess I can say everything with my face.
*You'd know that normally I kill all plants but somehow this past summer I have managed to keep eight houseplants alive! It is an all time record. I am very proud of this accomplishment!
*You'd know that I have tiny feet. I can still fit into kids sized shoes and the majority of my slip on sneakers are actually childrens size 3.
*You'd know that I get anxiety in social situations. I do not like large crowds of people unless I am in control. (ex. if I am at a craft show and am a vendor. I am okay because I have my own space and no one can enter it. However, for me to shop at a show. I get anxiety because people can touch and bump into me.)
*You'd know I started out college as a film major and ended up graduating with a Marketing degree, graduating Summa Cum Laude.
*You'd know that all I ever wanted was to live in a big city (did that- lived in 6 actually) and now all I want is to live in the woods, with lots of land and work for myself.
*You'd know that I put everyone else before myself, including complete strangers. If you needed something I would and will do everything in my power to help you.
*You'd know I am sarcastic about 95% of the time.

Alright. I think I will end this little blurb here before I scare everyone away! Plus I need to get back to pulling out my hair over my new design.

Happy Monday everyone..