Monday, September 24, 2012

me? miss spontaneity?!

On Saturday, I think someone else took over my body. The mister and I are usually hermits. We don't like crowds and both get anxiety and uncomfortable in social settings, especially around people we don't know. As usual we headed out to the Farmer's Market and always stop by the same vendors who have gotten to know us over the past two years. This one vendor where we get some of our meats from are roughly our age (I've mentioned them before that I would love to befriend them because I think we'd have lots in common) Well..when we where leaving they gave us a little invitation to come to their farm to check it out and have a fall equinox cookout. The mister and I both really wanted to go but both had a bit of anxiety. Would it be super awkward? Who else was going to be there? Was it basically just going to be all their friends and we'd be the oddballs not fitting in and no one understanding why we were there? 

We went back and forth on our decision and decided we'd go. We'd do something totally out of our comfort zone. So we prepared some roasted rosemary and garlic potatoes and set off. When we got to the farm there were two other couples there with their children. Because it was raining we all piled in their farm house and waited for some more people to show up. Everyone was so nice and really open, asking us questions and striking up conversations. 

We got to see their amazing farm, meet some great people and saw an amazing sunset. 

We ended the night hanging out by a fire and staying hours later than we had planned. Sometimes it's nice to do something out of your comfort zone, I might just have to try it more often.

What did you do this weekend? Anything out of the normal?