Wednesday, September 26, 2012

garden update

It's gone! Our new updated front yard is coming together. We've had to wait for the weather to cool down before we could tear out and transplant. I KNOW our neighbors must think we smoke crack with how many times we have changed up this yard! We don't, really, we don't. 

On Sunday the mister stated he was on a mission to get the yard cleaned up (he even passed up going out to dinner at one of his favorite places to keep working!) When I went out to check on him I was not expecting what I saw.

I was a little taken back but with everything gone I can picture exactly what it's going to be next year. We are still going to build the boxes that are currently in place to all be two boards high - then we will build small boxes off those. In the center where the hibiscus are currently residing will be a 4'x 4' square to house potatoes!!! I'm so excited for that my potato box I can hardly contain myself. Once all the boxes are completed, hopefully over the next couple weeks we wanted to put down super heavy mulch. Unfortunately everyone is sold out locally (we wanted natural and all everyone has left is the different colored mulches) So the mulch will have to wait until the spring. But I'm really excited and can't believe the amount of work he got done in one afternoon. It totally would have taken me a week, maybe more to do what he did! Plus I'm sure I would have been trying to save everything where he got rid of things that were invasive and things he didn't want out there. 

Some plants will be moved to the patch between the sidewalk and the road and some others will be moved to the backyard. I believe all the bee-balm will be going in the backyard. The peonies will also be moved and a row of dwarf apple trees will be going in as well to line the property.

Just so crazy the amount of changes this yard has undergone in the years we have been here. My real goal for next year is to be able to have the roof redone and to paint the house. With the gardens, a new roof and some paint it will start looking a bit better and we won't be the scary house on the block any longer. Well we probably still will be..seeing as though our plans (as of current) are to paint the house black! It will be awesome, don't be scared.

Anyone else a home owner? Have crazy stress and nightmares of owning your own home? I really wish we could pick up and take this house and plop it down somewhere with lots of land. It has so much character. If only we could come into some money so we can just fix it up and get it to where we want it to be. Ah the stresses of owning a home...