Tuesday, September 04, 2012



Polly seen here frolicking is a very, very bad dog. So bad that I normally just call her DOG and I shoot her nasty looks and pump my fists in the air. 

You probably see this picture and think, "Awwwww what a cute puppy! She would never be bad!"

This is the same dog that did this:

Look at that smug face!

And then enrolled Ella in her school of terror

Oh yes..They are monsters!

Well, you can imagine my horror when Sunday morning we were getting ready to go out and I heard Polly crunching on something in the bedroom. I ran in to discover...

It was too late.. my favorite Omerica plugs. Gone. Destroyed. Of course the mister sticks up for her (she is HIS dog) and says "Well why'd you leave them on your table?" Aye! I take them out every morning before I shower (they can't get wet) I set them there, I let my ears breathe for a little bit and then I put them back in. To be honest, I'm actually surprised she hadn't snatched them up before. She's always sniffing around taking things she shouldn't be...

But now I'm out my favorite plugs...such a bummer. I really am truly sad and morning the death of my favorite, ever plugs. Guess this is a sign for me to go one step bigger. (shhhhhh)

Happy Tuesday everyone!