Friday, September 14, 2012

fff vol 32

Favorite finds from the last week: 

1. Etsy find of the week: Mercy Leather Work

These bags are just gorgeous. Custom handmade messenger bags. You can see the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into each one. Very impressive work.

2. Blog of the week:

I am a new reader of Lena's but all I can say is how can you not fall in love with a blog of someone who just moved to Switzerland! I look forward to learning more about her adventures.

3. Please can I move in?

This is actually a lot bigger house than I would ever need seeing that it's just me and the mister (well and the three furry, four leggers) We don't require much space but this home looks so cozy and perfect. Especially with all the gardens in front, they ust complete the picture.

4. Get in my belly... 

Sometimes I see pictures of food and think they look so beautiful and delicious even though there isn't a chance I'd actually like the taste of them (remember super fussy eater here- big example is soup - I love looking at pictures of soup but I hate soup and you will never catch me eating it) I am really trying to grow and branch out in my food likes. (except soup of course - that is something I won't overcome!) But I came across this recipe and I don't know..there could be a small chance I might actually enjoy this one!

5. Tee shirt of the week from Johnny Cupcakes

This shirt has been in Johnny's collection for quite some time. I've loved it from the first moment I laid eyes on it. Maybe just maybe I'll treat myself to a new tee shirt. Even though it's new pants that I need!

So what's on everyone's weekend agenda? 

I have to work some over time. I've worked quite a bit this past week, but we don't get it very often anymore so I try to take what I can when they offer it to us. Then off to the Farmer's market.  Other than that I don't think any plans are set in stone. I need to finish up my labels for my lip balms so that I can order them Monday and get those handled. I think I have the new design set. At least set enough for the launch of the shop and for my sister's place in October. You never know it could change down the road. But I like what I've come up with. I'll put stuff up soon.

Have a great weekend! Thank goodness the week is finished. It was a very long week!