Monday, September 03, 2012

off to market..

Oh market, how I've missed you! For three weekends we missed the Farmer's Market due to different obligations that ran during the same time of the market. It was so nice to finally get back. While it may not sound like much, I really look forward to those Saturday mornings of hanging out with my mister, walking around the market, and then usually making a pit stop over in Bouckville to stop at a few of our favorite antique shops. I was a little sad though, two people I was really looking forward to getting things from weren't there: fresh butter and also my favorite fruit vendor. Hopefully next weekend they will both be back!

This past weekend I actually found quite a few awesome finds for my display set up. This show seems to be sneaking up on me so quick. The mister is now involved and we are going to be changing up the design (once again!) I promise you will all LOVE this one! I'm also going to try my hand and try to have a crash course in chalkboard letter writing for one of my pieces in my display! If anyone knows of any informative sites or inspiration please post a link for me. 

Stop back on Wednesday for a short tutorial on creating your own chalkboard! It's definitely not a difficult project, and so much more fun than going out and buying a new cheesy looking chalkboard! When I was searching for them they all seemed to have retarded designs on them, I couldn't just find a plain chalkboard. I did happen to find a couple at an antique shop but one was pretty darn expensive and the other one the back was all warped and wonky. I'm sure you'll all agree the one I made is much better! 

Hope everyone (that has the extra day off) is finding something awesome to do with the extra free time! I'm at that point right now that I have so much left to do but I almost feel paralyzed and don't know what I should be working on first! Thank god I have the entire week off! Off to write lists to prioritize!!