Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lip Balm Layout Poll- Open through Monday at Midnight

I'm calling for everyone's advice! But it needs to be fast, I need to order my labels asap and can't decide which layout I've made that I like best. (yeah yeah save your comments about my incisiveness for someone who cares!)

Which lip balm layout do you like best? free polls 

Here is a mock up of the new soap labels too. I'm just printing these at home for now so there isn't a rush on these. They may change a smidgen but it's the basic jest of it.  

The grey lines are just lines to show you where the folds are. The "wash smart" is on the top of the bar, the "H" logo is on the bottom (its really hard to read on here- but it says "Born in NY - Lathered Everywhere".) Then the back flap has the ingredients and website info.

I REALLY appreciate everyone's feedback. Please vote by tomorrow night. I need to order them no later than Wednesday of this week.