Sunday, January 13, 2013

Buy Handmade will be MIA this week..

I'm sorry, my scheduled interview went MIA this week. So get out all the "UGH's" and moans and groans now. Shake it off. Stand on you head and count to ten. Then, when you are fully recovered from the devastation continuing reading - cause it's some good, clean stuff.

I have decided to provide all my fabulous readers, that would be you, with some of my shop updates and some behind the scenes of my own. I still haven't decided if this will be weekly or bi-weekly. We'll play it by ear. But today is as good of a day as any to launch it and tell you some goodies.

First, I give to you. My mission statement:

I am really proud of it and what The Hive Botanicals stands for. I had a lot of fun creating it and every time I read it I feel inspired and empowered. So I think I accomplished the feeling I set out to achieve in writing it. 

I have also recently created an About page on Etsy. When I had my last business making organic dog treats they didn't have this fancy new page. I love it! Have you seen them and looked at other sellers pages? It lets the seller write a little about their shop or themselves and share some additional photos. To me when I see that a seller has taken the time to create an about page, it makes me feel more connected and always shows me that they are really involved in their business. I want to get some different pictures up but I want to wait until I get my new studio space so that they will be stunning photos that people will say .."ohhhhhh....ahhhhhh" and be jealous of my creating space. Right now - nothing to be jealous of because I have sets ups based in two different rooms and am running out of space very quickly.

I have been very busy over the past couple months and have now come up with four new flavors scents (some reason I am hooked on calling them "flavors" haha) My mom always corrects me when I say flavor.."Trisha you aren't EATING them..its not a flavor" Yeah, yeah mom!

So today I share with you..only one! mwah-ha-ha you will have to wait and hear about the others in upcoming features. Hey, I have to entice you with something to keep coming back to visit me, right?

Flavor (deal with it!) number one and newest edition to the fleet.

May I have the pleasure of introducing you to ... CREAMSICLE. Yes, you read correctly. This bar of soap is a long time coming as I finally got the scent to stay and be creamy, creamsicle goodness! And my mother wonders why I interchange "scent" with "flavor". Oh and a very random fact - August 14th is National Creamsicle Day here in the States. Think creamsicle giveaway for National creamsicle day! But that is quite far in the future, and I hope people won't wait until August to want to get their fill of these soaps!

They aren't up in the shop yet. I am currently working on the labels for these beauties, but they will be up this week (I'll keep y'all posted). I'm having so much fun making up all these new soaps. Some still need tweaking. I love how all the scents came out in them - I just want to work on what they look like. But nothing will go to waste, I'll still sell them even while they may be undergoing facelifts.

**Oh, I have decided to discontinue my cinnamon/oatmeal soap. There are three bars left in the shop, once gone they won't be coming back. 

Happy Sunday all!