Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all! I can not believe another year is gone and that I have had this blog almost a year. Crazy when you think about all the things that happen in a year. The ups and downs, twists and turns and bumps and bruises we all get each year that make us each a little wiser. 

I've never been one for the stereotype resolutions. When I hear the word "resolutions" I think of failed diets and failed work out plans. That is what most people say will be their resolutions right? I'm sure there must be some study out there that would tell us what the number one New Years resolution is, and how quickly   they failed. 

I am one that likes order and lists and goals. I'm the girl with post its and little lists all over the house. There is just something so refreshing about actually handwriting lists and goals. Crossing them off - ahhhh just feels so good!

While I don't have any resolutions or life changing alterations that I plan on saying I'm going to try to accomplish, knowing full well I'm a creature of habit and at my age am not going to change my ways dramatically. So I give to you.. my year goal list for different aspects of my life. Things that are completely realistic and that I sincerely would like to complete and achieve this upcoming year.

Mental Health and Happiness:

  1. Less stress - this is going to be hard because my job really riles me up and is my main source of stress on a daily basis. But my goal is that when I start feeling stressed (which then makes me angry) I need to take a moment, a "time-out" if you will, take a deep breath, shake my head and say to myself - "It's not worth it" Because - well it's not. I just need to keep my eye on the larger picture of it being a means to an end and that I won't be stuck there forever.
  2. Day trips - Take time to enjoy life. Go on weekend hikes and trips with the puppies, take drives to nowhere and explore
  3. Relax and have "me days" - creating, soaping, crocheting, baking .. you know - the loves of my life

  1. The current room we gutted!
  2. The downstairs bathroom
  3. Livingroom/ Dining room
  4. Kitchen
  5. Fix the "hole" in the side of the house/attic (yes we have a hole or should I say the "squirrel entrance")
  1. Complete planter boxes and layout (almost done)
  2. Finish composting very front yard at the road
  3. Plant LOADS of veggies!
  1. Rent a weekly Saturday space at the farmer's market (runs May-November)
  2. Wholesale to a couple local, high end shops
  3. Grow, grow, grow!
I might add to this list through out the year, some can not be crossed off as they will be an everlasting work in progress - but the home renos - it will be so amazing and awesome to come back on here and see little black lines crossing things off!

How about you? Do you make resolutions? Or do you do yearly goals you'd like to hope to accomplish? Or do you just do nothing and let days blur into the next without a care? haha 

As for New Years Eve - we have never really done anything. When we used to live in Massachusetts we both had jobs that we worked in the late afternoons/evenings- so I was always up super late. But now that I am up at 5:30am every morning (even when I don't want to be) I very rarely even make it up past 10pm. haha I'm such an old lady. Do you go out or have traditions?

Here's to fresh starts and clean slates for the New Year.

Love you all and look forward to growing with you and new friends this new year!