Saturday, January 05, 2013

In the market for new glasses?

As you all know .. I am blind as a bat. I have worn eyeglasses since 1st grade, starting with (now trendy) big, plastic frames. I think I still have them stashed away somewhere at my parents house. Pink plastic. But not just any pink - They were dark pink/transparent on the tops, slowly fading to a very light pink on the bottom. I was very cute, oh yes I was.

(they looked an awful lot like these - can you picture it: A three foot tall, 40 pounds while soaking wet, 1st grader in big bug eye glasses?! )

Wearing eye glasses has never bothered me. I've always been, "the girl with glasses". I went through a very long spurt of only wearing vintage cat-eye frames from the 50's. I had a place that would make them up for me out in Boston, but when I moved back to Upstate NY no one wanted to touch them. I was turned down by many shops being told repeatedly that they were all too delicate and no one wanted to be responsible in case they accidentally were broke during the process. I can see their point but at the same time I was pretty devastated. Those glasses became my "signature look" but we all have to accept change I suppose. So off I went to buy over the counter frames, just like everyone else.

The problem I have always had with buying glasses frames is that I have a very small face. Most of the frames would make me look like a bug because they were simply just too large to fit me. I even would try on kids glasses to get the right fit. So needless to say - with these random setbacks. Buying new frames doesn't come easily for me, and usually isn't an exciting prospect.

Over the past year or so I've noticed that frame styles that I am always drawn to are now made for smaller framed faces. I no longer have to look like I'm trying on a pair of my grampa's glasses from the early 80's. They are made to be bigger - but actually fit my face. If that makes sense.

This past week reached out to me and asked if I would do a short write up for their online shop. Who to better do this than a blind girl who has worn glasses all her life?! They have an awesome online shop. It is really easy to navigate, offers Free-shipping both ways (a DEFINITE bonus with any online retailer), and have a virtual try on mirror - how cool is that? see what the glasses look on you before you have them shipped to your door, genius!


A few additional things to know about GlassesUSA. Besides their high quality frames and lenses, they offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a generous refer-a-friend program. Additionally, you can stay up-to-date on all GlassesUSA happenings through their Facebook page ( and their Twitter feed (@GlassesUSA).

Here is my personal favorite:

(see-line woody brown)

These frames are made of wood! So awesome..I think this may be my next pair. Very, very cool. 

Now for the good stuff for you guys - DISCOUNTS!
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Do you have a favorite pair from their shop? 
I'd love to hear from other "four eyes" out there on how you feel about needing to wear glasses. Do you love it/hate it? Were you "one of those" that pretended they didn't have to wear glasses to remain super cool in school, all while not being able to see the board? (I admit I did that a few times in high school but realized how stupid it was as everything was a complete blur - I'm surprised I never fell down the stairs while trying to pretend I could see!)