Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Antiquing mini show

This weekend was our normal Farmer's Market, but also an added bonus with a mini antique fair the next town over. Bouckville, NY is already an "antique town". The main road through the town is antique shop after antique shop. It's amazing and so much fun to spend a lazy day. 

During August, every year, they have a HUGE antique show. If you have ever heard of the Brimfield, CT antique show, this one here in NY is just as good. (plus for me it's only 20 minutes away, opposed to 4+ hours to CT). I've never gone out for the small spring sale here, there were maybe 100+ vendors plus all the shops were open. It was nice because there weren't nearly as many people as there are in August, so you could actually look at things without people cutting in front of you and not paying attention to ones personal space. I thought it was actually going to be bigger. But I'm not complaining. The one in August, you get to that point where everything starts looking the same and you get tired for walking for hours and hours in beating down sun. Yesterday was perfect weather too, it was overcast and in the low 60's. Perfect walking around weather.

Here are some images from the show:

The area is out in "farm country". It really is quite beautiful out there. This was taken looking across the road from one of the fields they set up in. During the August show - that whole field is full of tents and vendors (which don't even make up 1/16 of the vendors)

You all know I have a soft spot for anything that is mint in color. This was just simply gorgeous.

For all us pyrex lovers.. there was pyrex heaven there. Soooo much pyrex. Too bad he was way overpriced.

Growing up I used to watch reruns of "Chips". I loved that show. Now, most girls had a crush on blond hair, blue eyed Jon. But not me. I liked Ponch. Guess I've just always liked the "bad boys" better!

I didn't buy too many things. My first purchase was a pink pyrex rectangular dish that the mister said would be perfect to make brownies in. Five bucks! 

Next up were some more mason jars. People had these priced anywhere from $20+, we walked into one of the shops we usually go to and found these for $3 a piece!! One even has a super cool lid.

Last was another pyrex piece, from another shop we like to stop at from time to time. I had never seen this pattern before. It's a really good size with a glass lid. This will get lots of use in our house and for only $12!

Not a bad day out. Mister usually is the one that comes home with lots of goodies. But he didn't find anything yesterday because everything he wanted was large ticket items or overpriced. 

I love antiquing and wish I could go every day. There was actually a shop for sale there. This super cute shop is for sale for $99,500! Yes, you heard me right it's less than $100,000. PLUS it comes with a 2 bedroom apartment! It's the perfect shop. The shop is actually quite large- the entire upstairs and downstairs. Oh how I wish I had an extra 100k laying around!