Monday, June 11, 2012

Market Mondays:steaming..

Sorry everyone for not posting until later in the day. I had a busy weekend and it just seemed to be gone before I knew it. Next thing I knew it, it was 10:30 Sunday night and I hadn't written my market post. Frankly, it was too hot and I didn't feel like leaving my air conditioned bedroom to go get my laptop and type something up. I don't have much for today anyway.. it's hot. Like over 90 degree and HUMID hot, which makes me cranky! I HATE hot weather - seriously HATE it. I would be in pure bliss and glory if I lived some place where the highest temp was 65 and overcast and breezy. I love wearing sweaters and hoodies. I know many of you are saying that I must be crazy. But that is my ideal. I simply just hate hot. So please, if someone knows of a place that ranges between 35 - 65. Let me know and I'll pack my bags. 

Pretty crazy though, the weather. How mild our winters have been and how hot and steamy our summers are. Oh well. World is ending and all that, right?

So on to more exciting news..the farmers market. The weather was actually perfect! It was rainy/misty and only in the 60's! I was in my glory! haha It was also nice because not a lot of people were out. Which meant there was only one time we had to walk through the grass because the "too important people" were standing in a group of about 6, totally oblivious that they were in a public space and taking up the entire sidewalk. We also got a free loaf of bread! So that was awesome! Free is always best in my book!

This week the peas were out, so that will be yummy. We also got some steaks, but you can't see them - they are under the ground beef. 

Last night was pork chops, yellow squash and those mini potatoes- turned into french fries. We sliced them in quarters, boiled them for maybe 10 minutes (don't want them mushy!) and they fried them up in a little bit of oil in a pan - Mister then takes kosher salt, pepper, and granulated garlic and mixes it in a bowl - Then once the potatoes are done - sprinkles them with the concoction. So so so tasty! 

Tonight is hamburgers and I'm making my macaroni salad. (my favorite!) Maybe I'll share that recipe next week. It's pretty simple but oh so yummy on a hot day!

Ok, it's hot - i have to finish up here in the kitchen and then I'm going to hibernate in the bedroom for the rest of the night! Tomorrow should be better - only forecasting for the 70's and rain.