Wednesday, June 06, 2012

gw vol 8

Garden craziness! Our peonies are in bloom and smelling soooooo amazing that I had to clip some and bring them inside. Why let them waste outside?! We have an entire hedge of them, these pictures show just a small snipet. K was being a wise ass and hiding behind the flowers and waiting for me to take his picture. He is freshly shaved. He hasn't shaved since last November! His beard had gotten so crazy and out of control. But in a weird way I miss it. So I told him he needs to grow it back haha. My favorite picture out of this group is the one with the girls standing in the doorway looking out into the backyard. Mutt and Jeff those two!

This weekend was "The great iris move of 2012" and is still in progress. My mom came over tonight and I gave her a bunch of them, as well as some chives and cora bells. We just have SO much to move and rearrange and the weather has not been cooperating. It's basically been raining every day and is supposed to rain for the rest of this week. So I ran outside as soon as I finished work today to try and get some more done.

(You can see where they were before in this picture above. They were in a circular shape sorta of in the center of the yard, next to the shrubs lining the walkway. I moved them in front of the lilac bushes that line the entire front of the house..and I still have more left! I think I will make one more row of them in front of the shorter side of the house.. They will look super awesome next year when they are blooming and when the lilacs are in bloom..can't wait)

There is so much left to do. It is just insanity out there. When my mom came over I think she was over whelmed. She jokingly asked why wouldn't just want grass to mow. Where is the fun in that?! I think she thinks it is bizarre that we are going to have veggies in the front yard too. She kept asking why we wouldn't put it in the side garden. I mean, as much work as this has been and as much work as I still have left to do. This is going to be simply an awesomely cool front yard. You drive around this city and its grass, grass, grass, grass, small hedge, grass, grass.. well you get the idea! Then you drive by our house and its this!

How could you not stop and look and appreciate the beauty and work?! 

Happy gardening everyone! And to all of you out there that give us more to look at than grass when driving by your house, thank you!!