Wednesday, June 13, 2012

gw vol 9

I feel like I am letting everyone down with my garden posts. Because of our situation we were unable to have the gardens ready to plant the veggies for this season. So my intention with Wednesday garden posts was going to be showing you what yummy, tasty treat was brewing up in the front yard. Instead I have an out of control front yard that totally needs to be rearranged and is VERY slowly getting moved around. But it seems like NY weather right now only knows two different settings; HOT and Humid (like over 90+ hot) or cool and thunder storms. I definitely prefer the cool and rain. But I can't do much work in either weather condition.

Lately my life has been working on recipes for my new upcoming venture. Making, testing and tossing. It's a bit frustrating but it's also exciting coming up with my own formulations. Currently my "testing lab" (ie my kitchen) has been coming up with a deodorant formula. I have tried so many variations. The results have been so-so. The best working so far, has actually been the most simple and basic recipe. I love it. But of course there is a but, or I would be done with the testing stage! It works awesome. Seriously. I was outside working in the garden on a day when it was almost 100 and came in and still smelled like lavender! Now thats a good deodorant! Here's the "but" it will melt and is definitely not a consistency that people are accustomed to putting on their armpits. I was able to get it into a deodorant mold/ push up container. But when it got super hot - it seriously liquefied! Nothing popping it in the fridge wouldn't cure. But I don't think that people want to keep their deodorant in the fridge all summer!

So I went back to the drawing board, changed the recipe around. I can now get it to be more of a solid by the addition of beeswax. However, the combinations I've come up with have just not worked as well and didn't leave me smelling so good by the end of a hot day, or following a work out. I've made about 8-10 different variations in the past two days and all have been tossed. I'm hopeful on this last one I just completed. It's looking really good - tomorrow will be the test to put it on and see if it can withstand my morning workout! I really hope this one is the winner and I can move on to another product to test.

I've also got a winner for my lip balm recipe! That one was a little easier than the deodorant, only went through about half a dozen before I found a combination I really liked. I let my friends and my mom try it and have gotten the thumbs up. So that recipe is a keeper!

after I find a deodorant to pass my test, I will move on to my healing salve. This one I'm already pretty sure I have a combination in my head that will work. I have a super great name for it! haha and it will be for scrapes, bruises, burns and TATTOOS. No more buying "tattoo goo" for this household! I'm already wanting to market it to the tattoo shop we frequent. That would be exciting if they'd carry it there instead of selling Tattoo Goo. we'll see, lots of recipes are in my head. I just need to keep banging them out and getting  them perfected before i even think about opening my shop.

Seeing that I went totally off topic and distracted you all. I will bring this back to what you were all expecting.. here's a little garden picture of whats happening in my front yard currently.

Happy mid week everyone!