Monday, June 18, 2012

Market Monday hiatus

Sadly, I had to work this past weekend, so there was no Farmer's Market venture for us. There could have been but we would have been super rushed to get all the way out there and we didn't really need too much stuff because we had quite a bit left over from the week before. So no veggies to gawk at..however, yesterday being father's day. I did bake up some whoopie pies which are my dad's favorite.

It was so hot they seemed to flatten out a bit, but they still tasted oh so yummy! Here was the fun card I made him from some paper stock I had.


(totally random side note - I write upside down. My normal handwriting is very small, anal and extremely neat. In high school I was always jealous of other people's handwriting because I love messy/artsy handwriting. While I am very artistic the anal, type A personality that I have takes over sometimes, no matter what I did I could not make my handwriting look messy and the way I wanted it to! So, me being a weirdo, I started writing upside down. I can write VERY fast upside down, just as fast as someone writing, well, normal. People used to watch me and still say out loud, "Are you writing upside down?!" Seeing that you are WATCHING me write - I think you know the answer to that! Anyway, so yes, just a random fact about me, when I want artsy, quirky handwriting I write upside down. I can also read upside down like its no ones business too. Go me for having random, useless abilities)

Oh yeah! I'm always the hit at the family get togethers. haha Well if you consider my entire family usually just shaking their heads at 95% of the things I say and do, I think it's considered a hit. Hey, at least I bring the entertainment.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Mine, as usual, went way too fast. I also worked both Saturday and Sunday mornings. The next few weeks I'll most likely be putting in some more overtime so my posts may be sporadic and some of my weeklies may not get to go up simply because of me working and not being able to do much else. (so thats my fair warning!) However - I will definitely not skip a beat with my Sunday Etsy features. I just love them and getting to see a little bit into the lives of all the artists.

Alright, let the week begin!