Monday, June 04, 2012

Market Mondays: Pasta with fresh veggies

Farmer's Market spoils from this week: Look at those insanely large radishes!

A new recipe that the mister put together last week

Swiss chard
Plum tomatoes
Purple onion
Fresh mushrooms
Whole grain pasta

And how to cook it..

Chop your purple onion and zucchini and saute with your plum tomatoes with a bit of extra virgin olive oil. These take a little bit longer to cook down. You can then add the asparagus once your other ingredients have begun to soften. 

While this is sauteing, prepare the swiss chard and mushrooms.

We use organic, whole grain penne from our local whole foods shop for our pasta. 

Add your swiss chard and mushrooms to the saute pan when you start boiling your pasta. Saute for another 10 minutes. Then salt and pepper to taste and mix with your pasta. 

I greatly dislike the taste of mushrooms and was extremely upset when I found out he had added them to the mix. He had bought them from our local mushroom farmer (haha yes we have a local mushroom farmer. We've actually been to his house and woods and seen the process) So I picked those out as best I could. It was also my first time having swiss chard. And I must say, I'm not a big fan. I'll stick to my pasta version with just asparagus, tomatoes, onions, and parm cheese. Mister on the other hand LOVED this medley of veggies, but then again, he pretty much loves anything! 

Do you have any tasty pasta dishes with local veggies you'd like to share? Please leave a comment!