Friday, June 08, 2012

fff vol 18

Another week down, no special plans for the weekend. Just the normal market run for Saturday morning. Hopefully the rain holds off and we can get some more work done in the front gardens. What a long project it has become!

In other news Polly got into her food bin during the week while I was at the dentist. The mister was out in his moto shop in the back so we aren't sure exactly how much she ate. But it was definitely quite a bit. Her tummy was pretty bloated and she laid around moping and pouting. OI! I came in from the dentist to the girls all scattering in different directions and the bin turned over. I don't think the two little girls got much, if any. But Polly definitely had lots of mouthfuls! She didn't get punished. Her tummy ache was punish enough. 

Nothing else to really we will move on to some awesome finds I have stumbled across through the past week...

This artist is simply amazing. I am in love with all her work that it was really difficult to pick just one piece to show. But this one spoke to me and I am just smitten. I will definitely be getting in touch with her to ask if she would like to have a Sunday in love.

Mister used to have a yellow beetle when we first started dating and we had looked into getting a little travel trailer to tow to go on adventures. This was one of them we had looked at. Wouldn't it have been perfect? I had forgot all about these mini trailers because we just never had the money to buy one (and still don't) but came across them again this past week... ah this just looks like the perfect scene...

Oh my goodness!! All I can say is "Yes, Please!!" (perfect to try out and make in my new pretty pyrex dish)

I've been so busy just researching and researching for my upcoming venture that I haven't done much "exciting" searching around the internets to share anything good. I think you may all become very bored if I just posted all pictures of soap! So I'll end this short this week so I can get back to my research. Exciting things in the future!!

Have a great weekend everyone!