Friday, June 29, 2012

fff vol 21

Favorite finds from the past week:

1.  Small pouch belt:

Small pouch at Christinas on Etsy

I am in love with these pouches that you can slip on your belt (she sells the belts too). I never use a purse, and usually am just carrying around my wallet in my pockets. But this is just too cute, and WAY cuter than an 80's style fanny pack! Might have to get one with my birthday money. Plus be on the look out because I have booked her for an up coming Etsy feature

2. A new blog I have stumbled across:

Pacing the panic room might just be one of my new favorite blogs. I sat the other night reading months of posts. The writing and photography just draws you in. Please go check it out if you have never been before.

3. Please can I move in?

I love houses that are so bright and white. Some day, when my house is renovated, this will definitely be the look I will style it in.

4. Cherries are in season..

You would think that my love of pie and the love of my favorite fruit would mean I have made many, many cherry pies in my life. But you would be wrong. I've actually never made a cherry pie, mostly because anytime I get cherries, they are gone within the hour. But tomorrow, my quest will be to buy cherries at the Farmer's Market and make up some yummy hand pies! 

5. This tee shirt please..

I had a pretty good birthday, made it through without a breakdown. I'll share some of my goodies in another post. I've just been sort of MIA. I have a big project planned for the weekend (if the weather cooperates) We are slowly removing siding off the house and exposes the original clapboards (who would cover up clapboard with hideous siding?!) so it's a couple step process - removing siding - sanding down the old paint off the clapboards - fixing a few rough patches - and painting. I've taking down the majority of it, the only stuff thats left are in areas too high for me to reach with the ladder I have. I'm going to have to ask the neighbor to borrow her crazy big ladder.

Any plans for the weekend? It's supposed to be hot and I don't want it to be! I soooo hate hot weather. Alright. I have today off, so I need to get some planting done before the morning hot sun comes out! I have to move everything I planted the other weekend because Polly and Ella have wrecked most of it. The poor hostas have like one leaf left on each of them. They have decided they want to run and play in there. OI! Lola is the only good girl that starts to run toward them and then change course and get to the steps.